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Work Permit for Foreigners in Bulgaria – New Rules

In October a new Implementing Regulation of the Law on Labour Migration and Labour Mobility was published. The new rules consolidate the majority of the previously fairly fragmented legislation in the field of foreigners’ access to the Bulgarian labour market, as well as facilitates the process of hiring highly skilled foreign employees by Bulgarian employers.

The principal goal achieved by the new Regulation is synchronization between the newly adopted law and the old implementing ordinance. The two acts were coexisting for a while, creating uncertainty about some details concerning the procedure of granting work permits to nationals of non-EU countries.

However, the new Ordinance contains hardly any changes regarding the set of documents needed for the employer to apply for a work permit. There is one new requirement concerning the application package: an additional declaration, by which the employer declares that the foreign national’s working conditions and remuneration are no less favorable than those of Bulgarian citizens for the respective labor category.

In a subsequent post I will be commenting on the extent to which the requirement applied in practice by the Bulgarian Employment Agency, for the foreign candidate to a highly qualified position to have documented work experience, is in compliance with the requirements of the law.

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